Listening and Breaking the Silence with pantea

Episode 1 December 07, 2022 01:03:16
Listening and Breaking the Silence with pantea
Listening and Breaking the Silence with pantea

Dec 07 2022 | 01:03:16


Show Notes

Discussing the essay ‘Breaking the Silence: Language and the Making of Meaning in Plants’ by Monica Gagliano and Mavra Grimonprez, multidisciplinary artist pantea considers the role of listening in her artistic practice, observing that “to me listening is not only about sounds but how you intercept that listening process for yourself.” In our latest episode of the Overexposed Podcast, made in collaboration with Sonic Acts, Andrea Gonzalez and Arif Kornweitz speak with pantea, exploring topics of wetlands, Iranian rhythm traditions, the importance of slower artistic practices, and non-hierarchical approaches to the non-human. 

Recorded in the lead-up to Sonic Acts Biennial 2022, pantea talks about her collaboration with Soundcamp, leading a soundwalk titled ‘search for the ⬤’, and her audiovisual work ‘Fragile Fragments’ made with artists u-matic & telematique.

Over the course of 2021 and 2022, Sonic Acts hosted two artistic researchers as part of their second OVEREXPOSED home-based residency programme, which addresses pollution and its effects on everything living and non-living.

pantea is a multidisciplinary artist from Iran engaging with narratives of ecological and more-than-human connection. Her work has incorporated performance, creative nonfiction, film, photography, and music. More recently, pantea is focused on developing a socially engaged practice by exploring possibilities brought about by sound and listening. She is also one half of the design group Studio Informal and a member of Khamoosh, an artistic research group dedicated to preserving and archiving Iranian sonic heritage.

pantea's website is at


Hosts: Andrea Gonzalez and Arif Kornweitz

Edit: Andrea Gonzalez

Post: Yper Audio

Text: Alice Johnston Rougeaux

Graphic Design: Toni Brell

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